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Feb 14, 2015
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Howdy, folks. This is only my 8th kit, spread over 12 years.

This Amarone style kit includes two yeast packets. Based on reading the forum, rather than pitching both at once, I first pitched an RC212 yeast starter, then later the EC-1118 starter.
  • Started 2/5: OG 1.084, pitched RC212 yeast starter. Fermentation was not dramatic, but seemed okay to me.
  • On 2/12, SG 0.999
  • On 2/14, I added the EC-1118 yeast starter and... bupkis. I have seen no evidence of fermentation since adding this second starter. I thought, maybe it's just slow, but now I am doubtful.
Should I have pitched sooner?
Should I have added nutrient?

The SG is stable at 0.999. The skin pack quit surfacing a couple of days ago.
Should I do anything now?
Should I just move on to stabilizing/degassing?

thanks, bws
I think you waited a bit long to pitch the EC-1118 and the alcohol concentration was to high for it to start. With your OG only being 1.084, there w=probably wasn't a need to pitch the EC-1118, RC-212 is good to about 16% ABV and even if you got down to 0.994, that's still only 12% ABV.

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