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Old Philosopher

Oct 22, 2009
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Thought I'd pass on my good fortune.
Our local grocery store just had a 4 day "tent sale" on produce. Lots of fruit, too. I started asking questions and today (day after the sale), I picked up 31 pounds of "reject" peaches, free for the hauling! I happened to ask the bakery folks in the same store about buckets, and left with 3 5-gallon buckets for $6.
Score! :br
that is a great score, usually the bakery by me just gives the buckets away all washed up and ready to take home to rewash, sterilize and use. $6 is still an outstanding price
I had asked a local store about fruit like this and they said they couldnt give it to me due to regulations. I really should try the one almsot across the street from me though as they are way nicer and not a big chain and is the only place in the world probably left that actually still does store credit.
Wade, that really stinks that you're in an area like that. Produce trimmings and other "garbage" around here gets picked up all the time by small farmers for their rabbits, chickens and hogs.

As for the buckets, I was expecting to get them free, but I guess the "boss" decided to turn a buck since there are so many "preppers" in the area buckets are in high demand.
I cant complain when I get about 100 free bottles every week from the dump. I do envy Tom over there though with fruit falling at his feet! :)