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Jul 29, 2018
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Well after lurking and a few posts i thought i should introduce myself. Im Ben.
I got into wine making because i have a bunch of black currant bushes and the recipe i wanted to use was on this forum(thanks wade.) I am the lucky father of twins (2 months old) and we have to sleep in shifts. During my late night shift i found myself looking more and more on the forum learning as much as i could.

I started with a 7 gallon bucket(too small) and one 6 gallon glass carboy. In two months I went crazy on craigslist and Now i have over a dozen carboys of varying sizes. Multiple 7 gallon fermenting buckets. A ten and 44 gallon brute trash cans. Dozens of gallon jugs and i just recently bought 30 cases of wine bottles(4 dollars a case) from a winery going out of business.
Im lucky that i work at a local food coop and i get a discount plus the produce section has a free bin for employees where they put damaged produce.

In 2 months i have made and have ageing...

5 gallons black currant wine
2 gallons strawberry rhubarb
5 gallons cab sauv fontana (only kit so far)
4 gallons plum pluot necterine peach
6 gallons db
8 gallons banana
2 gallons granny smith apple

I just put 22 gallons of peach wine that i got from over 200 pounds damaged peaches (140 pounds processed) into secondaries.

I have fruit for....
6 gallon db from frozen fresh fruit (grapes, Starfruit, plums, apples, pears, black berries, strawberries, aronia berries, raspberries, fresh squeezed lemons and limes.)
3 gallon mango
6 gallon apple pear
3 gallon black currant
1 gallon red currant
2 gallon pineapple raspberry
5 gallon cucumber wine
6 gallon exspired white zin i got on craigslist.

I also want to try...
Barely wine
Skittle wine
Herb wine (basil, rosemary, chives, taragon from my garden.)
And many more.

Im looking into local wine making clubs and vinyards to make wine from grapes.

Its hard sometimes balancing the twins and wine making. Most of the time im doing it with a baby straped to my chest or having to take breaks to sooth a screaming baby but i love it.

Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions along the way and the people who asked the questions already so the answer was already there.



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Dec 4, 2009
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Hi Ben, glad the forum is a help to you. That is quite the list!


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Jul 15, 2012
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Wow. Wide open, now that’s the way to hit it.

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