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smart @$$
Aug 18, 2009
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This might suck(probably). I had a 16 oz jar of Rice syrup sweetener. I boiled water and poured into one gl jug. sg was at 1.04 so I added all the honey I had in house and some of my plum f-pak. sg was still only at 1.07 so I dumped in sugar till sg was at 1.1. added 1122 and in 10 minutes it was air lock popping. I bet it will suck but had to do something with all the fermentable stuff on shelf:)
Did you taste it? If that plum had enough flavor in there you might get something.
Problem is rice sweetener doesnt seem to ferment, guess it would be like making sake without the culture. What I have is a low alcohol,sweeter the hell, plum drink that isnt good. But I learned, It will probably work great for Back sweeten without worries of fermentation restart

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