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Nov 15, 2009
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Based on some comments Tom made in another tread, and I'm sure he did not mean for it to be taken this way, I plan to make a Crystal Light wine. I plan to make some alcohol wine and back sweaten it with Sam's version of Crystal Light. Since there is not any fruit involved, it should clear quickly. And by using the Crystal Light as an f-pac, I can back sweaten and flavor it with a sugar free package and it is should have zero clearing time. Additionally, I can make a couple of types since one packet flavors 1/2 gallon. I know these will be light bodied wines but I am interested in the reaction to the end result. Will the wine club know the difference between a real wine and a "diet" wine.

I am looking forward to hearing more about this myself.

Leanne is diabetic and the converted alcohol is oky with her. But I guess I never asked her about back sweetening. Good thread. i hope someone has some info on this.

Please advise.
What did I say?
One thing i do say is "think out of the box"
Now what you are planning is just that. Please report back on results.
Sugar free ingredients and been known to give an off taste in short time. I have not done this to prove it just read about what others did nad said they would never do it again. If you do this good luck and check frequently so as not to let a who;le batch go bad if it does go south.
Wade E,

Actually, it's packets within a tube. They also make a water bottle size which could be interesting. I don't know how alcohol reacts with artificial sweetener but I'll find out.


I try not to get boxed-in anytime I think but, it happens. I didn't mean to put you on the spot but your comment on the, well, you know. To steal a line, I can resist anything but temptation.

I would make a very strong starter if i was you and gradually add in the crystal light packets. I can imagine that its full of preservatives so it might be sorta tricky to start. Keep us updated and take good notes


The Crystal Light addition is at the end of fermetation with the s.g. below 1.000, much as you would do with an f-pac or back sweetening. It's just bodiless alcohol wine until then.

Think of it as stone soup without the stones. You don't need the stones for the water to get hot. And as the story goes, it was the other additions that gave it flavor.

Haha yea, I bet you that it would be possible to actually ferment insects I just dont think you would want to ya kno.
Actually I do. Misquitoes in particular! Funny though I just measured my ginger pee and there are two mosquitoes floating in there. Gonna post a picture in a bit.

Show me how to ferment spruce needles and/or snow and you have done something fantastic.
really now? thats interisting. Why dont ya get on our privt chat channel so we dont junk up this perfectly fine thread with our banter lol
And there are recipes for cannibis wine so "stoned gravity" may only be new to you, well . . . and me.