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Apr 8, 2009
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I have made many kits and have never had this problem. My hydrometer reading was perfect for the next stage . I added the metabisulphite and sorbate and stireedalot with attachment on drill, then added chitosan clarifier and whipped alot, as it said to whip until bubbles were gone. That neer seemed to happen, which is normal when I make kits. the problem is now it sits for 8 days as all the sludge fall sto the bottom. Ther are big chunks of finings and stuff floating on the top of both of my kits. will this gradually fall to the bottom in 8 days????I hae neer seen that. Usually I can just about see it clear up in front of my eyes....Should I restir it??
First welcome to our neat little forum.

Second you should change your forum name to something other than your email address.

Finally, never ask a question about kits without telling us what kit you are talking about. YES it makes a big difference.

Are these Spagnols kits?

Welcome aboard. I agree, you really need to change your name from your email address. You will be a huge SPAM target posting with that name.

OK, as mentioned, we really need to know what type/brand of kit this may be as different brands have different directions. But to answer your question, it should settle to the bottom. Can you describe just exactly what is floating? Is it chucks of trub/lees? Is it possibly chucks of oak chips? Give us a bit more info so we can give you some help.
I would suggest giving it a good shake and make it fall to the bottom, Ive had this happen once o twice and that worked for me, also, if it sticks to the sides give the carboy a quick twist a few days in a row and this lers all the sediment fall. Please do be as specific as you can when posting so that we can help you better and please take the time to enter your location. You can do so by going to User CP at the top right and then go to Edit Details and iys way down at the bottom under location. If you need help changing your name PM me as some forums dont let you change your name without a forum moderatior or admin doing so.
Changing name

Geez...thanks I'm do I change my name????
names of kits

I'm making an Australian Shiraz Selection Original Series and a Gerwurrztraminer,also Selection Original Series.The only thing I did different then other kits is mixeds it longer with the attachment that hooks to the drill.
The red has quarter size blobs of gunk...haha..only way I can describe it. The white hasn't got that but seems to have a ring around the top and this is the 4th day out of 8 of clarification and it is very cloudy.Usually all he gunk falls right away.Any ideas.
Also, I need to know how to get rid of my e-mail address as my user name. Have looked eerywhere. I would even delete this whole thread if i had to. Thanks everyone.
stuff at the top

had that happen to me one time chemical reaction i suppose like was said tape it down it should drop ,one time i had floating pillows on the top looked gross tapped it down let it set and gentle racked it off,,no -problem............
I tryed tapping it down.A bit of it moved. Your description of it is much better than mine.haha. Its pillowy. I'm going to try and have a bit more patience, I just have never seen this before and I am always so critical about my sterilization,I thought maybe it was something bad growing. But I'm sure it isn't that cause it smells and tasted very good.Normally I'm not so worried, but I need this wine for a special event.
I still welcome anyones thoughts on this.BTW thanks Smurf for e-mail.

Could the ring on the white be tiny bubbles?

In addition to the 'taps' that joeswine suggested, try giving the carboy a couple of sharp twists. I suspect that there is still some CO2 in the wine keep the sediment afloat.

Canada, eh? What part?

Saskatchewan!! So happy winter is coming to an end..its been an ugly it has in all the country.
In regards to wine, I did spin it a few times..not too much. I went to the store I bought the kit from and she said she has had that before. She said just rack it and it should go down. She thinks it should be fine,it just needs time. I sure hope shes right, because these were not cheap kits and I have neer seen this before...thanks for the info ...if you think of anything else, let me know. Have a good Easter!
What temp is this wine at, degassing a wine at a temp lower then 75* will not get much gas out as cooler temps will trap the gas in a wine and is why when making sparkling wine we dgeorge(open the bottles up to get sediment out) at very cool temps so we dont lose much carbonation. If done aat cooler temps then warm it up to as close to 75* as you can get and degas again stirring all back up.
The room is 72...maybe a bit low eh? I will try and warm a bit and stir it more...thanks...

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