Broke my first Hydrometer

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Green Mountains

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Nov 29, 2009
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YUP, son of a biscuit.

Luckily it fell to the floor and didn't happen around the wine.

But, SON of a BISCUIT!!
i feel ya!! i found mine broken in the dishdrain this past week :( thank goodness i know im a clutz and buy breakables in pairs LMAO!
Thats why we try to tell the newbies to buy two. I myself quite frankly am surprised i am still working on my first one. They are pretty damn fragile. I have a tall glass canister that I keep my "long" pasta in, when I am not using it I put it in there.

Got to be careful. No second chances with them.
i got two ust cuz its a haul and a half to the LBS! no quick run n grabs!
I broke the tip on my glass wine thief tonight:po . I hit it on the edge of my primary and not sure where it went. I did run the juice though a funnel with a screen and it was not in there thank goodness.
I broke a hydrometer a couple weeks ago I've been keeping it in a glass jar so that it dries after cleaning, I guess I let it drop in from a little too high, lead shot all over the bottom of the jar.
Today I was working on a drainage/storage rack for all that stuff. Ill post pickures on the wineroom thread when I get done.
As I'm slamming the stuck drawer back and forth it occurred to me; that it might be the hydrometer thats blocking the was. :slp
Torch, I hope you can offer better advice in here than to store your hydrometer in the drawer. I would think it might be safer to keep it in the toolbox!!!!!! LOL

Not gonna get out of this new job easy bro"

In the words of "Richard the Lurker",... "were watching you!"


Gotta start somewhere right? :D

I've been a little under the weather the last couple of days. Things should improve once my sinuses allow my brain think again.
no prob John. Glad to have you driving the boat here and there. Hope you will be able to share good advice with all of us.
I have to admit that I dropped mine once and it didn't break. But that is probably tempting the Gods of Glass. I should have kept my mouth shut.
the 2 of us should never enter same room at same time, people will get hurt

Well as long as it is neither one of us, it might not be too bad. ;)

Didn't we share condolences in another thread about the hydrometers we broke? :>

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