Bottle Brush Marks on Glass.

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Becks the Elder

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Feb 23, 2009
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I recently acquired a load of demijohns from a guy that was retiring from the hobby. Some of the glass demijohns I got had aluminum / alloy marks left by bottle brushing (twisted wire type). Will these marks have any effect on wine put into the jars? Does anyone know if and how I should go about trying to remove the marks?

I seriously doubt a bad reaction from the marks. Your best source of info. would be the guy you got them from.
I would not worry. Clean the carboys real good before using. I use one of the "oxy" cleaners.
BTW how much..
I gave the guy £40 for 13 1 gallon demijohns, a 5 liter basket fruit press, a 25 bottle wine rack, a spare hydrometer, a five gallon bucket, a load of unused chemicals, a hand corker and a load of other bits and pieces. Most of it was a bit too shabby to use but the press alone must have been worth the price. Not a bad haul.
Good fortune was with you. In dollars $ US that figures out roughly to $ made a good deal.

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