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Madriver Wines

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Apr 6, 2009
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Jon started a batch of black raspberry yesterday and added 3- 12oz cans of Welches grape concentrate to it. He had 12 lbs. of berries which was all he had picked at his buddy's farm. He is tired of the blush types he has been making (using Vinter's Harvest cans). What ya think? It sure was dark in color at the start. He wants a full body finish so what about f-pacs? We added the usual additives and sugar to 1.085 and it is a 5 gallon batch. Oh and Montrachet yeast so we added 2 1/2 tsp energizer as well.
Thanks, Steve
Sorry Steve,

can't help.. I don't have access to the grape concentrates.

One way to get a full bodied wine from fruit is to boost the #'s of fruit used. Another is to add glycerin after fermentation for more "mouth feel".
One thing I can add, is that boiling the bananas and adding the juice to the must, will give you mouthfeel and body to the wine, without buying glycerine.

boiling bananas produces a natural glycerol.

Yes it can. Now how many banana's will you need? That I can never figure. How about slicing real "ripe" banana into the wine instead of boiling?
Is your friend making 3 or 5 gallon batches with the Vintners Harvest as I use the 3 gallon recipe and dont get blush wines from them.
I use 3 overripe bananas per gallon. buy them cheap by asking your grocer for the overripe ones. They throw them away.

Don't add the bananas to the must, boiling them creates the glycerol. Strain and add the juice only to the must. Yeast loves bananas, sugar and starch.. ensure you add pectolase at the beginning.

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mouth feel

IF you can concentrate a quart or two of raw prouduct the that also will increase texture,glycerin is OK to use but can also smooth out taste and textures need in the wine balance is the key ,not always achieved but always st rived for