Best time of the day/night to enjoy wine/beer?

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Feb 21, 2009
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Ok I'm inspired by the fact that I came home from the club around 1245am and didn't want to go to bed or sit in my house, so I came out to the front porch wth my laptop and a bottle of pinot blanc I made and am sitting here unwinding. I'm drinking straight from the bottle (that's one more glass I don't have to wash) and currently all I can hear is the rumble of freeway traffic and smell woodsmoke from some bonfire in the neighborhood.

It's the best part of the day, well besides sitting here at like 430am on a stormy morning. usually I'm not drinking that early in the morning. I was wondering if folks had favorite times of the day and whether or not they enjoy their wine at those times and why?

For me, I this late time of the night is when i'm most relaxed and wide awake, unless I've been out with friends and I'm trashed, then no time is a good time. I'm only drinking from the bottle because there's only enough for one glass and I didn't want to waste a clean one on a few good swallows.

I remember hearing that the best time to drink Beer or Wine is after 5.
That being said I have a clock and ALL of the numbers say 5 . So, its anytime around here. :)
WSG, our (the wife and my) favorite wine drinking time starts 15-20 minutes from the mid-day meal and then along with the meal. In fact that's the only time we drink it aside from special occasions.
The best time to drink is in the day light unless of course it is dark.:dlol. :hActually I prefer to sip wine at the end of the day after a meal, sometime with a meal but mostly when I finally get a chance to st down and relax
Started the 3 gal. strawberry this evening right after cleaning the 11 bottles Jane dropped off. yea!!
I like to drink when I dont have to go anywhere else, and it just seems to be that time right about .........................................NOW!
ive always liked to have a good drink after dinner
bfor breakfast
during lunch

lol im kidding

depending on what it is a good after dinner drink is always appealing
or mid after noon on a hot summer day is a great time for a few cold beers
Well, here in the summer, I never drink after dark(it doesn't get dark), in the winter I never drink before dark(it doesn't get light)! If that sounds confusing to you, remeber I am a Pollack, so it is doubly confusing for me.
anytime after noon is good for drinking.

although when i get up really early to make beer on a weekend, i've been known to pour a pint at 8:30am

of course making to the end of the brew session can be a challenge..
I only and only drink in night, u don't believe but in my city first we drink and then we eat food. That is little insane (some of u can think) but every one do this thing. I like to drink in night so that no one disturbe me. And after drinking I like to play video games or watch moive with my friends :D

that's it :b

sipping the excess when bottling is always a bad move!

Remember I go by the 3 "T's" !
TASTE as you go... ops.. guess I only got 29 bottles. LOL!

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