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Okie Parrish

Sep 15, 2018
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Got a gallon of banana thats cleared up rather nicely but all I tast is alcohol no fruity flavors...i pulled a 2 cup sample to sweeten an test had a simple syrup made with equal parts sugar an water added it 1/2oz at a time 2oz it was almost there an 2 1/2 was perfectly sweet.....2cups of wine with 2 1/2oz of syrup had an SG of 1.024 does that seam about right...............i know you typicaly want to slightly under sweating where you want it to end up my suck whats that convert to for a gallon, how much syrup should I be adding

What can I do about the flavor will the sweetness and time bring mellow it out an bring out the banana flavour
I would avoid backsweetening it right now if you can't taste any fruit flavors. You risk adding too much sugar so when those flavors do start to pop out, you may find you've overdone it and there's really no recourse at that point.

I had a pineapple wine with a similar situation that I needed to bulk age for about 6 months before I felt there was enough fruit taste that I could backsweeten it properly.
Wow, I have about 7 batches that I added fruit to after they cleared to back sweeten and increase the fruit flavor. What's going to happen during ageing?
John - did you add fresh/frozen fruit or fruit juice? Did you add it after K-meta & pot. sorbate treatment? Is it still under airlock? I've added juice concentrate to backsweeten - I just let is sit under airlock for a month to see it fermentation started and for anything to settle out. If you added actual fruit - you may need to use a clarifying agent if it's hazy and wait to see if it starts fermenting.
I tasted and racked today....

All batches the fruit was added after K meta, just poured in( 5 gal batches became 6 gal) left in for 14-18 days, used filter bags during racking.
All batches were pumped up with additional sugar after primary to make rocket fuel. After I drank some of the blueberry and it was blueberry moonshine I decided to tone them down a little.
I believe the yeast was killed by alcohol. typically started at 1.095 and when it got down to 1.00-1.01 I'd add sugar to 1.02, each batch got about 10 cups sugar in the carboy
they are all under airlocks
I wanted to pump up the fruit, and reduce the alcohol....

Oldest to youngest
f-packed 2-5 to 2-14
Strawberry, I added smoothie mix, 100% strawberry, it is really good, 1.017 and mostly clear, strong strawberry, strong alcohol. no fermenting
Blackberry, I blended 3# of frozen blackberries, it is wonderful, 1.02 and strong blackberry flavor, black as tar, but clear no fermenting
Blueberry, I blended 3# of frozen blueberries, it is very good, still a little tart, 1.01, dark and clear ....interesting the 5 gallon carboy is not fermenting but the 1 gal is.
Raspberry, I blended 3# of frozen raspberries, still very tart and rocket fuel, 1.00 no fermenting, clearing good
Watermelon, I blended a medium sized watermelon, it is rocket fuel with a strong watermelon aftertaste, still a little tart. 1.00 no fermenting, bright red, clearing good
Plum, I blended about 18 large Chilean plums(rather bland) still tart but better, 1.01 strong alcohol but not rocket fuel, fruity but not recognizable as plum, no fermenting, dark and still clearing
Grape, I added 1 gal Welsh's red, it's tart and strong alcohol but not rocket fuel, 1.01 no fermenting, still clearing

I have changed tactics, now I target 12%
I don't sorbate till bottling, is that wrong?

I am concerned that they may become too sweet if the flavor comes forward during ageing, but they are strong enough to add water....thoughts?
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