Making a batch of “Idalia”

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Feb 11, 2022
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SW Florida
Waiting for hurricane Idalia to start moving so I dug into the freezer. Pulled out about 3-4 lbs of Loquat, about 1 lb of mango and 2 cups of frozen blueberries along with a gallon of Concord grape juice.

my tutti-frutti “Idalia” wine.

My previous loquat batch tasted better with mango. Added the grape juice and blueberries mostly for color. Curious to see what the concord juice brings out for flavor.

hoping this “I “ storm doesn’t take a right hand turn. So far it’s only gonna be wind and rain here.

storms that begin with letter “I” have not been good here.
Good luck, both with the wine and weather.
Last I read they're expecting Idalia to intensify.
It’s keeping to the west of us so far so looking like wind and rain only. Good winemaking (and drinking) weather

Initial SG was 1.11 with just 3 lbs sugar for 2 1/2 + gallons I added a couple cups of water to bring it down 1.106. Pitching yeast in the morning and then bringing in anything that will blow away with 50 70 mph wind.
I'm starting a batch tomorrow myself. It seems I am right on the line on NOAH map where Idalia is heading. I mean, I can zoom in and go to Sat view and this track goes over my house. As I am on Ga.Fla line is should be down to cat2 so flooding is my only concern with Okefenokee in my back yard and Osceola in the front.
I made a blackberry/blueberry blend in 2020 and named it (corona-berry), real good this year but I ain't naming no wine Idalia.. Maybe floodwater or something.

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