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  1. Khristyjeff

    Fizzy Wine

    I just bottled some Petite Pearl, Foch and Marquette wines. I started Petite Pearl in September of 2020, Foch and Marquette in September of 2021. Added sugar to taste before bottling and mixed it really well with a whip in my drill. I did not add anything to prevent re-fermentation because of...
  2. Jovimaple

    Peach Simple Syrup for backsweetening

    @BigDaveK Per our discussion on another thread, I took 4 cups of frozen peaches (not peeled, but I think I had added Fruit Fresh aka citric acid when I froze them), thawed them for an hour or two, then put them in a pan with 2 cups sugar, on low heat. I didn't add any water. I stirred until...
  3. Y

    Bench Trials, Taste Testing Blackberry Port

    Hello, everybody 👋 I've got a blackberry port in bulk aging, fortified (brandy + Everclear) and backsweetened (invert syrup + frozen fruit 'f-pack') 1 month ago, <2 months since pitching. I under-shot the sweetness, and added no acid, with the intention of doing a further adjustment after the...
  4. C

    Question on Sorbate

    A wine making colleague asked if he needed to add more Sorbate to his wine if he added it at the time of bottling, but decide after a year of aging and retasting, he wanted to add more sugar. I told him no because I did not think Sorbate was consumed in the rendering yeast unable to multiply or...
  5. V

    Backsweetening Strawberry Wine

    So this is my first batch, and I am learning as I go. I’ve already added potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate, kielsol, and chitosan. Starting SG was 1.05 ending was 0.995 I’ve been tasting my wine as I go, and it just seems very vinegary to me. I just took a sample and backsweetened...
  6. tradowsk

    Hazy mead after backsweetening

    Last night I backsweetened two 1-gallon batches of mead using local wildflower honey. The honey was filtered and appeared very clear in the jar. The mead was also crystal clear at that point, as I had put some kieselsol in it previously. However, after mixing 1/2lb honey in, the mead became...
  7. Okie Parrish

    Backsweatening banana rocket fuel

    Got a gallon of banana thats cleared up rather nicely but all I tast is alcohol no fruity flavors...i pulled a 2 cup sample to sweeten an test had a simple syrup made with equal parts sugar an water added it 1/2oz at a time 2oz it was almost there an 2 1/2 was perfectly sweet.....2cups of wine...
  8. J

    General Questions

    I would still consider myself a beginner although I have made a few batches but wanted to try a few new things that I had some questions about. Currently for Christmas presents I have 4 2-gallon batches of fruit wine that I made from frozen constraint ( I have only done fresh fruit so this was...
  9. TemperanceOwl

    Back sweetening, extra sorbate question

    Last year I made the WinExpert Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine per the instructions, and bottled a year ago today. It comes with an f-pack, which I added after adding the potassium sorbate and k-meta. The final SG after adding the f-pack was 1.016, and I don't find it sweet enough for a...
  10. A

    Backsweetening options

    Greetings winemakers. Like a lot of users around I am interested in what are some of the options and your experience with backsweetening. From what I read around the forum sugar seems to be the most common used ingredient. Did anyone try fresh grapes juice i.e. the original juice, must obtained...
  11. jmac

    Post back sweetening quick mead clarify

    This post has been moved to General winemaking. Buy me, the poster. Because I couldn't figure out how to delete this one.