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  1. B

    Making banana wine, ingredients,

    I'd like to make wine from bananas and wanted to know if anyone has done it personally? I also want to know about if there is a banana extract of its sugars(fructose, sucrose, etc) that's usable for wine and where to find it? Thanks for reading and your response.
  2. C

    Banana Wine - need some advice plz

    I'm making my second batch of banana wine... Batch-1 came out dry...and less flavor...but i liked it...i finished it without racking it as soon as primary completed.... Batch-2 around 4 lbs of banana using... Primary fermentation going great (that's what I believe) Experts Plz clarify do i...
  3. Okie Parrish

    Backsweatening banana rocket fuel

    Got a gallon of banana thats cleared up rather nicely but all I tast is alcohol no fruity flavors...i pulled a 2 cup sample to sweeten an test had a simple syrup made with equal parts sugar an water added it 1/2oz at a time 2oz it was almost there an 2 1/2 was perfectly sweet.....2cups of wine...
  4. Allie Geiger

    How to incorporate GINGERBREAD flavor in banana wine?

    I have this idea.. I want to make a banana wine, but I really want to attempt to incorporate a gingerbread flavour, to try to give it a banana-bread type flavor. Does molasses work or will it turn funky in fermentation? Has anyone attempted using molasses, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar...
  5. B

    Banana Oat: Messy and Reckless

    I’ve got two approaches to winemaking. One is precise….procedural. The other is “Let’s just throw some crap together and cross my fingers”. This was the latter. I’ve made banana wines in the past. Bananas are cheap - even the organic ones - and it’s fun to watch something that initially...
  6. Northerngal

    Fruit of BC Wine Brewlog (rhubarb crabapple blueberry grape)

    To start with: 1800g crabapple concentrate (slowly simmered and mashed crabapples in water) 3000g rhubarb (frozen thawed, chopped) 2300g blueberries (frozen thawed) 2L apple juice (W Family) 1.36L "Blueberry Harvest" juice (Sunrype) 5.44L white grape juice (W Family) 60mL lemon juice "Banana...