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Dec 28, 2009
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is it possiable to back sweeted with sugar without starting fermentation?
Probably no. You wil want to add potassium sorbate first according to their instructions. What stage are you at? Are you ready to sweeten?
Of coarse you ca but you will need to first use sulfite and sorbate to prevent re-fermentation. The best way to do so is to make a simple syrup by boiling 1 cup of water to every 2 cups of sugar. Get the water boiling and then shut the heat off and immediately and start stirring in the sugar until it is fully dissolved. I always make at least a gallon of this and use the extra for sweetening the wine that needs it and refrigerate the rest for other wines I have in progress but I make a lot of wine so if you dont have any wines behind this then dont make so much. I find I use about 1/3rd of a gallon to a 6 gallon batch of fruit wine t my liking typically here.
I have potassium sorbate, will that work? also would you use potasssium metebisulfite or sodium metebisulfite. can you tell me what both of these do. I understand one or both stops fermentation???
K (potassium) an NA (sodium) do the same thing, they stun wild yeast so that a better wine yeast can do its job as wine yeasts are more sulfite tolerant. Sulfites also kill off microbes or just keep them in check. I use k-meta for adding to my wines and na meta for sanitizing as the na meta is a little more potent annd I dont need anymore sodium intake in my life even if its just a little. You should add both sulfite and sorbate to your wine before sweetening. The sulfite will stun any yeast still slive in your wine and the sorbate will stop it from ever producing more cells. The sulfite will also protect your wine from oxidation as its also an anti-oxidant and the best thing for protecting youtr wine for extended periods of time.
Yes I would add sulfite AND sorbate according to instructions. 1/4tsp of meta for 6 gallons and 1/2 tsp Sorbate per gallon. Then back sweeten with simple syrup.
Wade glad you are cutting back on the sodium, pretty soon you will be able to sneak an extra slice of cheesecake in your diet!!!! LOL
thanks for explaining it Wade, I am thinking out load that you could get by with out the potassium metebisulfite
thanks for explaining it Wade, I am thinking out load that you could get by with out the potassium metebisulfite
Don't take the chance, add both K-meta and K-sorbate. The meta will stun the yeast (as long as it isn't active) and the K-sorbate will act as birth control. Thus when the wine is sweetened the yeast shouldn't start back up. Remember they are hungry little beasties.

If you add Sorbate and you never had added Pot. Meta. the sorbate will give an off flavor. You need to use both, but only just enough to do the job. After adding Sorbate, let it sit with an airlock to make sure there is no more fermentation.
If you dont use sulfite and only sorbate your wine can start a Malo loactic fermentation cause sorbate does not effect malo lactic bacteria. You have to keep that bacteria in check and also the k-meta will keep your wine protected from 02.

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