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Apr 2, 2024
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I have a number of country wines working (banana, pear, lemon, orange) that I am ready to back sweeten. Since this is a first go around, I do not have wines from previous batches to top off once I rack these again, I bought a Riunite Moscato since it is a sweet wine. One thing I noticed on the Riunite Moscato I bought is it is labeled as "fizzy" and "refrigerate once opening". This sounds like it is a sparkling wine which I assume has a short shelf life and I should not use it to top off.

Can I use this to top off or should I use some other semi sweet white? Does it matter?
All wines have a short shelf life once opened. Typically three to five days without either establishing a vacuum in the bottle or blanketing with inert gas. Even then two weeks is about the limit.

Riunite Moscato is a sweet wine. Cold temps cut some of the sweetness. It is petillant, has a little bit of fizz. CO2 causes the fizz. The colder the wine, the more the CO2 will be and stay in solution. Storing the wine in the fridge accomplishes both tasks handily.

Using to top up? If you like a little splash of Moscato in your wines go for it. The fizz will dissipate as you degas.