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  1. jkim888

    Cold Crash Wine Gone Wrong. Retrying again. Long read.

    Hello Folks, I'm new here. I'm still quite an amature home wine maker. But I can say I have experience with making dry reds and whites. Last month, I had a pail of frozen juice from an online vendor, a Muscat to make Moscato. I wanted to make a Moscato with 5-6% ABV with high sugar. Which at...
  2. T

    Other Wild grapes vs winexpert

    I'm wanting to make a fast drinking moscato and I'm debating between the 2 brands, on paper they cost the same but I can get the wild grapes on Amazon prime but I'd have to pay ~20 for shipping on the winexpert from a different retailer. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. thesocialwinesclub

    Sparkling Wine From One Gallon Kit

    Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve all done some great brewing in 2021. I’m thinking about making a sparkling wine out of one of the one-gallon batches. Do you know if the reserve juice bag has any preservatives that will prevent a secondary fermentation in the bottle?
  4. Linda Spinden

    WineXpert Strawberry Moscato

    I am attempting to add a strawberry flavor to my world vineyard Moscato. My first thought was to use a strawberry puree during fermentation. I also though about using natural strawberry flavoring, tried a few drops in a glass of Moscato, but not pleased. Lastly, making a strawberry and...