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May 30, 2021
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Hello all, I am needing help converting the residual sugars of a couple of my wines into a percentage instead of mg/L. I am using the Accuvin Residual Sugar Test Kit and it measures in mg/L. I am testing a kit red (Fiero) and my usual Dragons Blood. The Fiero i let ferment all the way down to around .996ish so it should be fairly dry. The DB I back sweetened it some. I added maybe 2-3 pounds of sugar( i didnt measure it) into a 12 gal batch so it shouldnt be very sweet.

The Fiero is showing around 300 mg/L on the color chart.

The Dragons Blood is showing around 1000 mg/L on the color chart.

I am trying to find the RS due to needing to stay under 1.4% Residual Sugar for my diet.

1.4% should be 14 g/L if im correct?

I just don’t know how to get the above readings into a %.
Excellent article thank you!

I apologize if I threw you off, I was trying to show the math to do the other calculations. You are correct, 1.4% is 14G/L.
1.4% would be 1.4G in 100mL or 1400mg in 100mL = 14,000mg in 1000mL or 14G/L.

To get percentages from your weights above:

(Weight in Grams / Volume in mL) x 100
(0.3G / 1000mL) x 100
(0.003G/mL) x 100

Another way:
300mg/L = 300mg/1000mL = 30mg/100mL = 0.03G/100ml = 0.03%

(Weight in Grams / Volume in mL) x 100
(1G / 1000mL) x 100
(0.001G/mL) x 100

Another way:
1000mg/L = 1000mg/1000mL = 100mg/100mL = 0.1G/100ml = 0.1%

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