Ants in wine?

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Mar 3, 2010
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Discovered two dead ants in a batch that was still fermenting. They had been in there for a few days - poured them out. The wine smells bad but I haven't changed the process or anything. The wine is nearly ready and I'm wondering if drinking it will be ok?
The wine smells bad - like how? Can you describe what it smells like?
I highly dought there is anything wrong with your wine. You have no idea what kinds of things actually ferment in the wines of most wineries. Do you really think they go through every bunch of grapes and pick out every tiny little bug before they go into the huge vat? Your wine is way to young to taste very good at this point in the game.
The ants go marching two by two hurrah, hurrah....
The ants go marching two by two
the last one stops to drink my booze.....
and they all go marching down
to the earth
to get out of the rain....boom boom boom

Damn wino insects
Thanks for the responses. As for how the wine smells - I've never really been good at describing smells, but I guess "foul" would describe it. Not like the other batches I have made. I'm no expert on this so I was just wondering if the ants could be causing it - and I guess they're not the source. I'll probably taste it tonight. Thanks for the reassurance.
What yeast do you use for ant wine?

My Apple Jack always includes some bees in the mix. Mmmmm
Ah, A little PROTEIN never hurt anything.
Relax all is well..
Tell us more.. What is it and what have you done so far?
Did they drink much of it?
Do tell us more about the batch. We might have some ideas about what is going on with it then.
This could be a new thread.."My wine smells like ant farts, what should I do?"


Did they drink much of it?
Do tell us more about the batch. We might have some ideas about what is going on with it then.

The ants may be dead. I do know they died very happy drinking that wine.
Shall we have a moment of silence for then....
How do you know there dead, maybe they passed out from drinking to much! and have a migrain headache.
Perhaps ants marinated in wine could be sold as a delicacy. Serve on small crackers with a glass of the wine?
Leanne, to honor the ants correctly, perhaps we should light a candle.

Next to my fridge I have a space that is perfect for a three gallon carboy. I decided to put a brew belt around a couple and a towel to keep warm. Yesterday a few thousand ants had decided to take over the warm space between the wall and the towel. Yuck!!

The ants here are insane they keep taking over our phone and tooth brush charging bases. grrr

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