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Awesome idea!!! I loaded the pics that I have so far. More to come soon!!
More will come once my little ones have started developing. They have started bursting into little tiny blooms.
Just posted mine. Will update it as the vines grow and I make improvements. Right now, I just stuck my vines (in their pots) in the ground for the winter. Next spring I will plant them permanently.
I was told by many you could not propagate cuttings....well I have. I found a book via Amazon on the correct way to do it tried it and ended up with 13 well rooted cuttings frm a muscadine vine of my grandfathers. Thing is I think next time I do it I was wondering how thick the cutting should be that I use? And about how long dose it take before you see fruit? All if mine are two years old at maybe 10 or 12 feet long but very small diameter vines though. Would love ne feed back that is given.

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I have an old wiry muscadine vine that has been neglected and barely produces any fruit that I was considering trying to cut and make numerous new rootstocks out of. Can you elaborate on the process or give me the name of the book??

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Muscadine vines do not root well from hardwood cuttings. There is a much better rooting sucess when using softwood cuttings in the summer and rooting under a moisture holding tent (plastic) or misting the cuttings. Another method that will work is by layering where you lay a shoot onto the ground and pin it down with something like a landscaping fabric pin. After a while the vine will root and the shoot can be cut off with the new roots and planted.
I make 5 to 10 gallons of Concord sweet wine each year and am planting 20 Frontenac Rouge for a dry red. I make 5 to 10 gallons of pear wine that comes out like a dry Riesling. I also make about 40 to 50 gallons of hard cider. I give most of it away to friends. I worked at a vineyard for awhile pruning, picking and helping out with the pressing and primary fermentation.
And the software changed since then. It was not brought over.