2011 catawba

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Jun 16, 2010
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2011 catawba/pictures


catawba ice diamonds...
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u guys r sooo, right, patience is the key! if i've learned nothing else from this website, i have learned that patience is the most important part:ib
and it should have read wine diamonds, lol, i missed my own typo.
and yes, runningwolf, i did use a handcorker...the one i bought on ebay...handmade, lol...but it serves it's purpose...for now:h
Nice looking wine have, it sure has a nice sparkle to it.
i went to clarksville, tn this year jon. adkins vineyards! they were also super nice as was st. francois 2010! much shorter drive for me though! i hope to get more catawba from them next year!
just thought of a couple of questions....has anyone else made catawba? i was wondering about the aging? you can tell it's not "ready", though not bad, not bad at all...but i wondered what would be the ideal aging?
I have catawba that is about 1/1/2 old, very tasty.
In addition to what the other said I also like to blend it a bit with Fredonia or concord to get the pinck color in it. It also helps to give it a nice rounded flavor. Make sure you cold stabilize.
i did cold stabilize:snw
first time! i have a closet on my back porch...temps stayed in the upper 40's lower 50's in the closet and that's when it dropped out the crystals:br
would blackberry or blueberry benefit from cold stabilization?

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