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The week of my birthday, Number 1 hit was "Tequila" by the champs. Whoops! I'm showing my age.
So Far I'm The Oldest. If anyone wants to know their song P.M. me. I have a book of Top 40 song release dates and when they peak to #1
Cruising Down the River by Russ Morgan - who the heck was that??
Nature Boy - Nat King Cole
Peggy Lee - Manana
Tom, I remember Manana but not Nature Boy. I love all kinds of music. Currently I have over 35,000 non-duplicated songs. Not MP3 either
Then I would look up (google) Nature Boy by Nat King Cole. Yes I am older than you.. LOL
Game of Love


Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders

I'm so depressed that I remember it...

I was hoping for something by the Cure...I bet Robert Smith was still at school at the time..


( at least it wasn't " raindrops keep falling on my head" )
I ended up with "WildThing", by The Troggs(8/3/66).

Dang Troy, you're just a kid! I bet you and Wade use to play in the sand box togther. When Tome. Steve and I were that age we were dipping girls pig tails into ink bottles. I bet Julie remembers...oh never mind, not going there..LOL
Watch your back Dan, Allie is back, get her and Julie together and we may not be able to protect each other, it could get bad!!