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Mar 1, 2009
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Yesterday I picked up some Vidal and Niagara. They filled my primary buckets to the brim (not complaining! I will split each bucket up for fermenting but I only picked up two packs of Red Star Montrachet. Do I add the yeast tot he entire batch and then seperate? I have an extra pack of Lalvin; k1-v1116 and EC-1118. Could I split up the buckets and put the Red Star in two of them and the Lalvin in the other two or is the Lalvin I got the wrong strength?:a1
Dan, I guess no one else is up today. The Lalvin is a strong yeast and will really take off. You could start with the entire batch and try to split it off just make sure you get yeast when you split.

I would probably split the packet and do the 2 primary's rather than try to split it in half later. I don't know if that would shock the yeast.

If you are really in a jam I believe I have a few packets down stairs. Road Trip to Edinboro.
You could also make a yeast starter and add yeast a few hours later after it's going well.

Lalvin has been my favorite yeast from the beginning. Hours after I add my yeast it's starting to bubble and by the next day it's mad pationate romance between these yeasts.
They will all do fine but each one will have a slightly different profile which will be a good experiment for you. Try and keep all other variables the same so you can truly see the differences. I would make sure to give the Montrachet nutrient and energizer though as that specific yeast can have H2S2 problems when nutrient deficient but it really is a good yeast.
You can make a starter.. then add most to the larger one and the rest to the smaller one ( if you are just racking 1 gal) OR 50/50 if splitting equally
Thanks Guys. Good info on the Red star and I do have nutrient/energizer. I wanted to make sure the different packets of Lalvin I had were ok also. I also picked up one more gallon of late harvest Vidal and this is going to be an experiment with chocolate infusion. I have the champagne yeast for this one.