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Dec 29, 2008
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Hello everyone, I am new to this site and to wine making. We have just finished bottling our fourth batch and I have a question.

We just bottled a Australian Shiraz wine kit from a Winexpert kit. When we poured from the bottle into a glass the wine foamed some. The wine is a great color and nice and clear when held up to the light. Any suggestions on why it is foaming? We have made two other red wines - Merlot and a Cav/Sav. Both were great wines. The shiraz does taste great, but with a little aging I think it will be even better.

We are getting ready to do a Merlot/cav/sav blend and if we did something wrong to the Shiraz we do not want to repeat the same mistake. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It sounds to me like you didn't get all the gas out of solution before you bottled. You either needed to force the CO2 out of solution or wait longer for it to do so naturally.
Jerseygirl, we did a Cab/blackberry kit from Wine Expert and we had the same situation with the bottles we opened that were less than 3-6month old. Now that the wine has aged for a year (and is almost all gone :( ) The 'fizz' is completely gone and the wine has a very nice full body to it....I'm finding the hardest part of winemaking for me is waiting at least 6months once the wine is bottled :( ...I wonder if anyone makes a 6month timed-lock that I could put on my cellar door..... lol
At the stage of degassing your wine it is advised to at least have a drill mounted mix stir and have the temp at 75* as cooler temps make it difficult to degas.