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Feb 17, 2008
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I started a new Selection LE Carmenere Cab Sauv kit, stabilized it 10 days ago and tonight racked it off the sediment as per instructions. I tried it with a flashlight beforehand to see if it had cleared but could see no light whatsoever through the wine. I then drew some in a glass and checked it against a light and it appears to be quite clear but it is so dark it is hard to tell.
Has anyone else made this wine and is it normally this dark? I can't recall making a wine this dark before and I'm just curious.
.. Doug
I almost never make wine from grapes so I do not have a reference.

I do make elderberry wine each year in large quantities
and often it is darker as any grape wine I have seen.

If the measurements were right and the taste is fine
enjoy it, don't worry.


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