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Apr 23, 2022
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I've sprayed my vineyard every couple of weeks with Bonide wettable Sulphur since bud break. There have been signs of possible black rot throughout the vineyard (leaves with circle burn sores) but I've plucked those leaves as I've seen them and kept it to a minimum. My vineyard is comprised of mostly wine grapes (zinfandel, merlot and cab sauv) but I have a row of table grapes which includes a crimson seedless varietal.

This particular vine is extremely vigorous every year, I have to hedge it like crazy as it creates a massive canopy with tons of shade and low air flow. As you would expect, this vine tends to have the most mildew issues. I was up there today and noticed what appears to be some kind of fungus growing on the grape berries now that they are swelling.
I can't say for sure which type of fungus this is, so I'd like to know if there is a fungicide you all would reccomend which can be use to kill an existing fungal infection of any of the various types. Here is a picture of the grapes, you can see a few berries with a light patch of gray stain on them.


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