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Sep 5, 2021
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North Carolina southern piedmont
The picture below is of my 2023 muscadine piquette that is refusing to clear.
It was put into bulk storage late in the fall; and spent the winter in cold stabilization. I racked last Friday and dosed with 6 TBS bentonite slurry but is still cloudy today. The other 20 gallons of wine received the same treatment with the exception of bentonite. The wine cleared as expected over the storage period and was bottled last week.
The picture is a little misleading because the wine appears to be clearing from the top down as is normal. Actually I have a flashlight shining thru the upper portion of the carboy to emphasize the lack of clearing and it's causing a shadow in the lower part of the carboy.
Considering another dose of bentonite if I don’t notice a marked improvement in the next few days.
Could this be a pectin haze at this point? It's the first time clearing has been a problem.
Any comments/recommendations appreciated.



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