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Dec 20, 2008
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my friend asked me to ask this question as he does not have internet access.

he is making a batch of grand cru wine from the kit. the fermentation temperature is supposed to be 70-82 degrees.

he is only able to keep his at 67-70 degrees for fermentation. will this do anything with the wine?
He will be able to ferment it but may not be able to get all the gas out as cooler temps make the wine retain this gas and if that person doesnt get enough gas out they may have trouble clearing the wine and may end up with an unclear slightly fizzy wine.
Really Good Question... Want to hear the answer to this one?
Hmm, a frizzy friend with haze in his eyes. How bad can it get. LOL
other than the wine being unclear?

it will still ferment right and taste good?
It will ferment ok, the taste part is subjective. Will it be drinkable, I would say yes...will it be good..??? That's subjective. Not to sound snobbish, but a fizzy wine is not what I am looking for unless it's champagne. The cloudiness may eventually settle in the bottles and could impart a very slight off-taste, but the main concern, I think, would be the gas that is still in the wine. This could definitely affect taste and shorten shelf least that's my take from articles I have read....