Who's getting limited edtion kits this year?

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Oct 25, 2008
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Who all is getting any limited edtion/restricted quantity wine kits this year? And which one(s)?
Remember for some manufacturers the order deadlline is rapidly approaching.

I have ordered...3 from WE - NZ Merlot, NZ Gewurztraminer, Alsatian Riesling

I may order...1 from RJ Spagnols - RQ BC Okanagan Meritage

I have won (yes getting it for free) - 1 from Vineco - California Fume Blanc

I have one under way - Vineco's 4 week Ken Ridge Classic NZ Sauvignon Blanc released in August

I have one ready to be started this coming week - RJ Spagnols Hightail En Primeur Washington Merlot released in November

All of the above are from the 'current' round of limited edition kits. I also have one from Jan 2008 clearing in carboy - Vineco's Australian Traminer Riesling.

I was so pleased with the limited edition heron bay carmenere cab sav.

Am trying to get my hands on the Platinum Label TORO Tempranillo- Syrah as my next kit.

I dont think Im going to be making any grape wines for awhile as I have a ton and im pretty much the only person that drinks these, my wife will sometimes help with the fruit wines though.

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