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Jan 18, 2010
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I'v been making kit wines for years but have decided to foray into homemade fruit wines. Most of the recipes off the net seem to use white sugar. In the past I'v always used inverted corn sugar. I know that you can invert white sugar by boiling it, I think, or is this a fallacy?
Is corn sugar the preferred sugar in wine making? Or is boiled white sugar syrupy okay?
You need some citric acid to invert sugar.


Heating some water with sugar is just making a sugar solution. If I'm adding simple sugar to anything I'm not boiling, I prefer to do it this way so I know the granules have all dissolved into solution and ready for the yeast to consume.
Most here use table sugar to bring the gravity up. If you plan on doing that download WineCalc.
All you need to do is put in the current gravity and where you want it (1.085 for fruit wines) then add what they say. Easy !
I've gone to the site but fail to see how to down load...I must be missing something.
Hello amrad and welcome to the forum,

If you want to get really keen.. try using honey or some of the darker brown sugars.. this will alter the flavours in your wines too.. experiment with different sugars.. it can be quite interesting..

I've gone to the site but fail to see how to down load...I must be missing something.
Look just below the header
see it says;

Download WineCalc (BLUE button)

493.47 KBDownloaded 130 times
Hey thanks everyone, so I'm to assume that its okay to use white sugar? For some reason I thought that it gave off flavors when used in wine.
Thats great, because where i live its the only game in town, corn sugar i have to order in.
You'll be fine. Download the WincCalc i sent earlier. Let us know if you have any other questions.
B T W. Looks like 15-24" of snow fri/sat. Good excuse to :dg :dg :dg
Corn sugar is much better to use in Beer and its actually easier for yeast to convert but table sugar is fine for wine.

Is corn sugar good for wine? I have taken a liking to it, as it disolves so easy.
I always use normal table sugar (white sugar).

Inverting the sugar by boiling it with some water and citric acid might speed up fermentation a bit. However it is just a bit.
Yeast themselves produce an enzyme called invertase that splits the sugar.

So by adding invert sugar we just help them a bit and jump over one stage in the process from converting sugar into alcohol. It is mostly used in a fermentation that is expected to be difficult.


Hey Luc,

good to catch you online..

What are you making at present?

I have elderberries ripening, am harvesting daily.. only have one bush so making the best of the harvest. and apples won't be ready for a month.

It is in the middle of winter here and freezing.
So no fresh fruit I can pick at this time.
At nights temperature goes down so there is no batch I will start fermenting at this moment.

I am going to bottle some pineapple tonight.
Last week I bottled a chocolate-honey-cherry batch.
And I have still about 20 gallon (70 liter) plum wine that needs to be bottled.

Elderberries and blackberries in the freezer, just like some dandelions from last year..........


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