What type of peach is best for winemaking?

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Jan 15, 2010
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I am going to start a new peach wine batch and would very much appreciate the forums opinion as to which type of peach is best for winemaking. I am going to go to a local peach farm that sells a number of different types of peaches. The farm is located in Fairfield Texas, I would post the website but I do not have more then 5 posts.

Any advise would be very much appreciated.
Thank you guys and gals!
hmm id never thought about it!!! will be interesting to find out. when i did our peach last summer i just went to the local orchard and got what eas rippest LOL!! did make sure they were cling free tho...but that was just for easy cutting up!!!

cant wait to see the non-lazy answer LOL
Nectar is supposed to be 1 of the best as it has excellent flavor and is very aromatic. Arctic Supreme is said to be the best as far as flavor goes though.
What ever you get make sure they are ripe to over ripe. For me I use what I can get.
Thank you guys for such quick responses.

@Jeepingchic, I LOVE your screen name. I am a longtime jeep owner too!

@ Wade, The orchard I am going to go too has both of the peaches you recommended! Now I have to make two batches!!!

@ Tom, I will make sure they are over ripe. I will keep this thread updated as often as possible. The peaches will not be ready to pick until mid May-ish or June.
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after you pick let them get "soft" and begin to get mushy. You want the highest sugar content you can get.
Peaches would probably be like apples in that a mixed variety would be best. Get the best each peach (hey I'm a poet) has to offer. Definitely get the ripest without going bad.

Destone them and remove the skin then freeze to help soften the pulp for pressing. I can't wait for peach season either.
Now thats where we differ. I destone, slice and freeze. I leave the skin (adds color) on. Then thaw and add them to a straining bag with Pectic Enzyme.
After freezing them I send it to my Steam Juicer.
I haven't made peach yet and just thought to remove skins. Maybe I'm thinking of canning. Memories of Mom and Dad. I guess the skins should be left as long as you wash them real well.
Dan, do you make a lot of peach wine? I told Doug that I'd bring out my fruit press if he wanted to make some apple wine this year. If you have a bunch of orchards your way I'd be up for bringing it up and we could press some juice, peach or apple.
i de skin my peaches ...i dont know why , i just do...
the easiest way to take the skin off is to drop in a pot of boiling water for a few seconds take out and let cool, the skin will just slip off! do this befor u cut and destone....

i know the skin helps w the color, but i guess im leary of any pestacides that might be clinging to em! and i really like a pale peach, it looks so purdy