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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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This is what Ive been building for the past 2 1/2 weeks and finally it went out the door today! My hands are hurting cause all those clamps you see had to be clamped up every day 6 times and unclamped every morning to apply a few layers @ 1/8"+ a day. After that 2" stringer was all clued up I also had to do the same with a curved handrail also. My blisters have blisters! I will have 2 more of thses to do very soon that will be Brazilian Cherry treads and American Cherry stringers, risers, and handrail. Ive built a lot curved stairs in my time and a couple spirals but this was different with it being boxed in on both sides and closed route also so there is no give anywhere and makes assembling ot very freaking hard!

Picture 001.jpg

Picture 003.jpg
Very cool Wade. I was a district Human Resource Manager for 9 stores and over 1000 associates. Position was eliminated across the country two weeks ago.
wade, that is cool as hell!!! all that hard work to produce somthing so beautiful! you must be very proud!! and if not , you should be

dan, that blows :-( this economy is the pits right now and i hope things look up for you soon!

myself, i am just an apointment clerk for the local air base clinic.
Very nice work there Wade! I'm in construction too but on the electrical side of it. Anything low voltage electricans don't like to work with is the way I usually put it. Even my most impressive equipment builds don't have the WOW!!!! factor you have going on in your pictures. Once again very very nice work!!!!
Nice job Wade! I can truly appreciate the workmanship in those stairs.

As for me I own a welding and fabricating shop. If you are interested you can see some of my work at www.rodswelding.com
Thanks Dan
I think the gates were the height of my artistic abilities. Definitely a rewarding project.
I work for the best Chevrolet dealer in Upstate NY! JMHO.. LOL

Seriously, I've been working there for the past 18 years, and I feel as though I am working for family.. We were strong enough not to be axed by the new Government Motors, and have grown even stronger in the last 6 months. We've launched a new division specializing in bringing back the old "Baldwin Motion" / "Yenko" type adrenelin rush in the form of 2010 Camaros upfitted with the lastest LSX smallblock technology available. We were actually the first to install a LSX454 smalll block in a brand new 2010 Camaro.


One of these cars is actually going to be highlighted at the Albany Car Show this weekend. We are the only GM dealership in the country offering these fully warrantied upgrade packages. Also coming soon is a 2010 Silverado upfitted with the LSX454 motor. Exciting stuff! We've been shipping cars all over the country and just purchased a new Topkick 4500 series truck to pull our custom trailer to deliver these vehicles. Behind all this are 2 men.. Dan, who heads up the performance division, and Howard who is the brains behind the muscle, and we are very lucky to have joined forces with him.. He owns Redline Motorsports, and has specialized for years in engine tuning etc.... He and Dan dreamed this collaboration, and made it a reality last october. Already we have been recognized by top magazines.. I personally have had the chance to drive the HTR-600 upfitted with a LS7 427 engine and all I can say is holy s$&t, what a ride! A new commercial is going to be released nationwide in the near future.. You can see it by clicking below..


As you can see I am very happy to be a part of this, and feel as though we are at the brink of pioneering a new type of muscle car era.. Sorry if this seems like a long commercial, but I know there are some muscle car fans here that may appreciate this stuff. Below is a direct link to the website..


The site is actually still being refined so excuse the roughness!!

So what do I do at this dealership?? I sell parts, wholesale and retail to the upstate NY area.. If anyone here has any question pertaining to their GM vehicle I can do my best to provide you with an answer.. One of my best friends is a GM World Class tech which is the highest honor you can achieve from GM. We have 4 at our dealership which is unheard of.. If anyone interested is ever in the Albany area, I would be more than happy to arrange a tour of our engine building/tuning shop and new showroom.

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Wade.. That is some awesome craftsmanship! Looks like you take alot of pride in your work..
Wade, that is incredible and will be awesome when completed.

I have been remodeling my entire home over the last several years. Too much to put here but I can appreciate all the hard work.

No on can appreciate that more than you. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodo, go to the website for my company and possibly you can see some wrought iron work youve done cause we do use lots of that also in our installs. http://newenglandstair.com/

Whinemaker, that **** gives me a woody! Ive always loved the classic 68 & 69 Camaro & Chevelle and to bring back the Yenko is just freaking awesome! Its always been a tough call for me with big block vrs. small block My brother used to always say theres no replacement for displacement but Ive always loved the smaller rev boxes like the 327 from Chevy and 340 from Plymouth. The Camaro has been a sore spot for many years and in my opinion so has the Corvette, yes its fast and all that but the style doesnt cut it and hasnt for way too many years but the intro to The Camaro again is a breathe of fresh air as is the Challenger. Thanks for that!
Rodo, go to the website for my company and possibly yoi can see some wrought iron work youve done cause we do use lots of that also in our installs. http://newenglandstair.com/

Awsome workmanship!!
They are all beautifull I especially like the photos around #100.
It must be nice to have customers who can afford these.
Id rather be the customer that could afford these instead of having them! :)
Man the wine room I woulod have!!!!!!!!
Wade, the beauty of the new LSX454 is that it is a small block, making it much more versitale to use. BTW, did you know Chevrolet is coming out with a new police version Caprice!!


It will be a RWD 4 door car powered by a 6.0L lsx series engine. It's going to be built on the same platform as the Pontiac G8 was, which was shared with Holden in the Australian version of the Impala/Caprice. It is only going to be aailable in the police package, but we are looking at getting one and upfitting it with the 454 small block .. If it happens, it will compete directly with the Cadillac CTS-V, which holds the title of fastest production sedan (0-60 in 3.9 sec)..
Wade, we built a house up north of us they we call camp, it has a loft and that stair case would be prefect, do you wanna come on over and build that for me, I'll share my muscadine with you :i

Seriously, I hope you take great pride in your work that is truely a piece of work and you need a pat on the back.

I am a purchasing, inventory & scholarship manager for a school district. We have a central warehouse that I oversee the purchasing for, the government has set a ruling that we need to know where everything is at in a school district, so if someone decides five desks need to be moved from one classroom to another, I need to know. I, also, manager our scholarship foundation. Besides giving out various scholarships, we are one of the few schools that give student loans to our present and past graduates for college. This time of the year gets to be pretty hectic, I need to do a distribution calculation, where I calculate how much money can be given out as a scholarship and how much to be given as loans.

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