What are your favorite wines?

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Jan 2, 2010
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We all have our favorites I'm sure. What two or three do you make year after year? The wines you hide for yourselves and close friends.

For my wife and I it would be;

I made a Shraz-Cabernet this past season and it's bulk aging now. This just may replace the Cabernet
We stick mainly with reds...

Cab Sauv
Pinot Noir

The hard cider turned out awesome so that's gonna be a favorite and if the skeeter pee turns out as well as we hope that's gonna become a repeat too.
My favorite is a great Argentine Malbec. Next is a rich cab/sav. In the last six months I have become fond of red Zin, also.

I have always favored reds and pretty much stayed away from whites. However, lately I have purposed to learn to appreciate whites, also. Saturday, I went to a chardonnay tasting at my local liquor store. I can say I really enjoyed the differences between oaked and un-oaked chardonnays, as well as the differences between various brands. Next Saturday we will be tasting Spanish wines.
All of them - but if you are going to force me into picking I would say:

Muscadine - I know I'm cheating because I don't make this but oh it is so good :h
I am liking Vidal a lot and also mixed a little cranberry with Washington Riesling that was pretty good last nite. Isabella is another one of my favorites.
Our top three (with kit that we repeat the most) is probably...

Merlot (Ken Ridge Classic Merlot)
Gewurztraminer (Ken Ridge Showcase German Gewurztraminer)
Riesling (no specific fave kit)

We haven't been making wine for long but so far our favs are :
Italian Pinot Grigio
( though it's not done The mezza luna is tasting very good so far )
I started making wine just last year, mainly to get back to my roots and have something to keep my mind occupied being work is so slow.
I haven't been able to buy a kit yet. But I have to admit, I really like my Blackberry I made from berries in my yard.
I had one of the last few bottles last night and it's now about nine or ten months old and was really good.
I still buy a few store bought imported grapes, mostly Merlot and Shiraz. At my brothers he just about always has Pinot Noir and it's not bad either.
I made more elderberry than anything last year, but didn't back sweeten it when I bottled it. I have to admit, I'm not happy with it. I'll try again this year in June and July.
I generally limit myself to some LE's and RQ's each year so they are usually different, but I try to have available to drink some California Pinot Noir, some Barolo and some Amarone.
My tastes keep changing since I'm still fairly new to this wine thing, but currently:

1. Australian Shiraz/Syrah (Californians are pretty nice too)
2. Merlot (California mainly, but I had a chilean merlot that was great recently)
3. Pinot Noir (California, french pinot just never grows on me)

If you had asked me last october, it would have been vastly different:

1. Riesling
2. Vidal Blanc
3. Fruit wines

Not that I don't like these now, they are just not my favorites.
Al, I'll have to actually get to try some of your wines soon.
Damn driect shipping laws stalled in this state.
Our favorite is Cranberry, we have a lot of fish fries here at Lake Okeechobee, I take a magnum each time and bring it home empty. Blackberry runs a close second. Loren

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