Want to make Yellow Skeeter Pee... will this work?

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Feb 16, 2019
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South Louisiana
I would like to make a lemon color (bright yellow) skeeter pee. I have made Lemon Cello previously (using alcohol to extract lemon color and oils from lemon zest) and was wondering if I could add a lemon extract to the skeeter pee at some point? I would not want to hurt the yeast, so guess I would do it at the end of the process... it would add alcohol as well as color, so I do not want to make rocket fuel. I am doing an extract on the lemon zest now, and I have a couple of bottles of Lemon Cello in the freezer, either of which I could use.

There seems to be a lot of free thinkers and experimenters on this board, so this may have already been done.

Suggestions welcomed!