Skeeter Pee - forgot sorbate?

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Dec 6, 2018
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Have a 6 month old batch of SP that I think I forgot to add sorbate, but am not sure. I back-sweetened it lightly (didn't not measure SG post-sugar) several months ago and while I never saw active re-start of fermentation, taste and SG indicate that it is basically dry. I left it in a carboy as I couldn't remember if I added sorbate. So - do I add sorbate now? Keep holding another few months to ensure yeast is dead before backsweetening? Or keep in airlocked gallon carboys until ready to drink and avoid any risks?

Yes, I keep very detailed records on my wines. No, I did not make ANY notes on this batch of skeeter pee. Sigh.
I think it depends on when you want to drink it and how you feel about sorbate. If it were me and I wanted to drink it sooner, I would add sorbate and back sweeten to taste. If you’re not thrilled with sorbate and can wait, then it’s a great option to just wait. If it doesn’t matter about sorbate, (knowing my history of note taking and memory), I would sorbate and back sweeten and then let sit… LOL
Thanks - not in a hurry to drink (summer drinking at cabin for us), but need the gallon jugs the batch is divided into. :D

Buy more glass or risk extra sorbate in skeeter pee...both cheap and easy answers, I guess.
Okay - let's start by being grateful for a safe space that we can share our stupidities. :rolleyes: While wanting desperately to prove I normally keep exceptional records, I will confess that I wrote nothing down on this one. Was trying to get a quick batch made before DIL came to lake cabin for visit - don't even have the starting date. That said, pretty sure it finished well below 1.000 as I would remember if I was questioning if it finished (because my memory is so good 🤣). Currently, it is sitting at 1.002 - pretty sure that is lower than my back sweeten target for DIL and higher than the FG.

Going to sorbate, sweeten, wait 2 weeks and bottle (and dose with kmeta, which it is due). Should safely avoid any bottle bombs and I will do a small taster bottle. Plenty of time to make more SP for summer if this batch is yucky. And I will recover my gallon jugs for my planned mead experiments. Because keeping the projects going is what matters!

Thanks ~
From a food point of view, sorbate / sorbic acid is safe, you could double the treatment without any health issues. From a flavor point of view, if you were keeping the skeeter pee for a year, a double dose of K sorbate would double the level of ethyl sorbate naturally produced and might get it to a threshold level. HOWEVER,,,,, most folks would not put a name on this and simply say “this kinda reminds me of bubble gum”. Ethyl sorbate is used as a flavoring agent.

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