Using Pectin E after fermentation

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Oct 26, 2008
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I started a batch of Peach from fresh fruit a few weeks ago. I was sure I had Pectin E at home, and by the time I started mixing everything up I realized I didn't so I went ahead and added the yeaST ANYWAY. wHEN i TRANSFERED IT TO THE SECONDARY i ADDED THE APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF pe AND found it actually cleared nicely.

So my question is...if it worked that well AFTER fermentation, would there be any reason not to use it BEFORE and AFTER? I realize this sounds out of the ordinary, but like everyone, I would hate to experiment with an expensive batch of wine. Any thoughts?

There is nothing wrong with using pectic enzymes before AND after fermentation.
There is just no need to do so.

When you use pectic enzymes upfront and they do their job well there will be no pectin left in the juice/must/wine so there will be no need to use petic enzyme aftrewards anymore.

Pectin will not 'form' during winemaking. So once removed there will be no pectin haze in a wine.


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