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Aug 30, 2009
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g' day wine making forum, i have an urgent question about mead.

i have just (with in about 30 min) made my mead must and added the yeast. because i am only a poor college student, looking to pursue a hobbie, i dont have the proper equipment, so for a primary fermentor i am using a glass 237ml bottle (yes, this is a very small operation- more of an exparament) with a ziplock bag elasticed to the top (so it can expand without shattering the glass). its crude, i know, but i hope it works.

here is my question- my yeast started working almost instantly (if you dont beleive me, im enclosing a picture) and i walked away from it for 30min, when i cam back, i discovered that the quickly forming cap on my must expanded out of the bottle into the plastic bag. tomorrow, when i break the cap, should i squeez the stuff in the bag back into the bottle, or should i throw it away.

thank you for your time and effort (and please dont be to hard on me, like i said, im only a poor college student trying to pursue a hobbie)

If you didnt sanitize the baggy then throw it out. When starting any wine or mead you should always have lots of space in the beginning and then towards the end of fermentation have very little space so your wine doesnt get too much 02. In the begiining your yeast needs lots of room as it needs lots of 02 for it to metabolize. In example a 1 gallon batch of wine should be started in a 2 gallon bucket and when fermentation is almost over it should be trasfered into a 1 gallon glass carboy.