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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Well I finally took the leap today and ordered a Manual Crusher/Destemmer and a #40 press and also a ph checker. For now Ill still be making the 6 gallon batches until I feel that the wine is getting very good and from there Ill take the leap into bigger batches and barrels. I will make a few whites and a few reds this year. Now if only George could ship grapes to my house it would be perfect. I have a small homemade press that Ill be handing down to another wine maker who I also work with so he'll be happy, he'll also have to transport this pallet of equipment from our place of work to my house in payment of it though as I dont have a truck. He's already agreed to help with getting the grapes to my house when they come in in exchange for using the crusher destemmer when he needs it but we are great friends.
Way more then I wanted to spend but I know it will pay for itself with even better wine. Now, I wonder if the crusher destemmer will work on elderberries? :a1
Congratulations on the big step! Did you get a hand held pH meter or the table version?
I'm more interested to hear what happens when the wife finds out what he did!!

Dan, run out to the garage and set up a cot for our ole buddy Wade, make a little extra room for this new piece of equipment too!!! LOL Be sure to leave the light on also. No telling what time of the day she finds the receipt!!

All kidding aside, thats great Wade, a great investment for a great hobby.

I have no idea, but sure seems it should work on E berries.

Send us some pictures.
Well I tell you Troy. I spend little money on anything else unlike the rest of this house. They buy clothes almsot every week and a air of shoes to match and I havent had a new wardrobe in at least 2 1/2 years. Im always happy with what I have so I dont mind. I drive a car and fix it until it just wont go no further but once in awhile I want what I want and since I make the money I finfd it only fair if we have some money to be able to spend it here and there. Besides the car and the house this is probably the biggest investment Ive madeand am glad to do it. Time to start learning even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wade I am with you on this all the way. I bought my first ever new car when I turned 50. We spend a lot of money in the yard as gardening is my wife's love and. I am doing wine. We have only taken one real vacation. We spend most of the time at home and like to entertain. No atv's.l
I have never been on vacation and when I used to get a paid vacation I would spend it working on the hose or a side job to pay for her schooling or something. This is mne and no ones taking t away! Now, if I can just find a place to put these 2 big monstrocities!!!!!!! :sh truthflly I dont know where I will store them... hehehe
By the way i bought these 3 items through George even though I could probably find a cheaper press on Ebay or Amazon, its not always about a few bucks saved as sometimes its about buying stuff at a place reputable and I know when I place an order I am getting a good product, a tracking # of where it is and when it will get here and that if for some reason something is wrong it will be made rght fast.
Amen Brother, you most certainly have it coming. We know you enough to know you give everything to your family.

'Bout time you get a treat yorself.

Good for you.

We are sure looking forward to seeing the pictures of this thing and even more excited to hear the report on how it works for you!

Yeah - i never spend money on myself - the wife buys clothes, hair appts, nail jobs, etc. SO i never spend money on myself until i found wine making. Now i have a reason to spend money on myself. And there is nothing she can say about ;). Well at least i like to think so.

Good for you for purchasing this for yourself - not like you won't use it :h - anywho - good luck with the new equipment!!
I ended up grabbing the Hanna PHep

Is it the best model, I have no idea but I have heard lots of people have problems with ph checkers so I wanted to get it through George as I know he;ll back the product 110% if I have any problems and most likely exchange it for another if I dont like it. Im not one to go and buy the cheaper stuff but there was 1 more that was more expensive there so if this doesnt fit my liking Ill step up to that. I never like to buy economy stuff. Lawnmowers and tools I always go the higher end and watch the people with the cheaper models struggle and bring them back for new ones every other year and pay and pay while my Husquvarna mower starts right up with the twist of the key every year.
Wade I think the same way as you. You'll save money and heartach in the long run if you buy right in the beginning. Perfect example is a floorcorker. On the other hand you have to buy within your means also.
Exactly, thats why I usually wait so long to buy stuff as I usually save up to get the right tool. I must say the only thing that Ill probably switch out some day is the vacuum pump I have for the Enolmatic but dont really know if the Enolmatic is capable of doing some of the stuff I do so it may stay in use as the unit to degas and rack my wine while the Enolmatic will be strictly for filtering and bottling. The gravity filter I have was given to me and I really dont use one too often and to be honest there is nothing that can go wrong with it as there are no moving arts so it really is a good tool and cheap.
I'm fortunate in that I work with pH meters and hydroxide solutions everyday in my lab. I just take my must samples into work for a few quick tests and I'm all set.
Congrats Wade. I bought a press and I'm probably going to get the crusher soon too.