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Sep 25, 2008
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I have been reading about MLF and was wondering what are the advantages to induce MLF or allow it to happen by its self or not at all.

I started 3-5 gallon car boys of merlot
3-5 gallon car boys of Pinot Grigio
1-5 gallon car boy grenache

All started with juice in September. Not kits. I did the primary fermentation then 10 days later racked to the secondary,then 1 month later racked and put campden tablets. They have been sitting since November and I was going to rack them one more time last week before letting them bulk age. I noticed that the Grenache and Pinot Grigio have started to get very tiny bubbles and I was wondering if they could be going through MLF. I have tasted all the wines and they taste very nice. Should I leave them sitting longer until the bubbles stop or rack them and add more sulphite and leave them to bulk age.

Seen as how you added campden I dought it is Mlf going at all. If you have checked Malic acid and feek as though you are in good shape then you would most likely want to stop it or you will have a flabby wine. You can kill a mlf fermentation by adding lysozyme. It could just be giving off C02 though.
Just like wade said it is unlikely that MLF occurs
when campden tablets are added.

Have you measured SG to test if fermentation has stopped.


Yes the SG was .997 in December then I checked before I was going to rack last week and it was the same. I think it has stopped fermenting.


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