think i made a mistake when siphoning

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Jul 9, 2009
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Ok, I had a ton of trouble siphoning it with the liquid method so I ended up dipping the end in boiling water for a few seconds and then sucking it til it worked, did I just ruin my mead?
You should be OK for now. You need to get a "auto siphon" and that will make things alot easier.
I ave an auto siphon but use a vacuum pump to do this now. I used to suck start the fermentations for quite some time and never had a problem. Just sanitize everything and keep the S02 levels up and you will be fine. An auto siphon will make you wonder why you never bought 1 before just like a floor corker.
S02 is K-meta which is Potassium Metabisulfite and in tablet form is campden tablets. There is also sodium Meta (Na-meta) and is again also sold in tablet for called Campden. You ken get this stuff at a Brew and wine makers shop or order through the internet at places like
Yeah, i posted that without putting 2 and 2 together over K-Meta and SO2 being the same thing, I have a 3 oz bottle of it so I have plenty. gives me PPM conversion too.
I have an auto siphon but it doesnt fit into the 1 gallon carboys so i have to use the primitive way, so far so good, havent had a mishap so far with that anyway (touch wood!)
I siphon the old fashion way and have slopped some on a couple occasions with no issues. Jon was spitting it out into the bucket, at least until we saw him do it and then that was his last time lol.:)
I tried to siphon the old fashioned way because my auto-siphon didn't fit in the 1 gallon jugs...One unfortunate wine-catastrophe later and I bought the smaller auto-siphon. There's no shame in letting technology aid you :)
Yeah, I have a mini-auto siphon too, for 1 gallon jugs and these 2.5 gallon carboys I picked up (normal mouth on those, but they are so shallow that I like the short mini-siphon better)
I'll pick up one of those when I start my next batch then or when its time to bottle my mead.
I asked at my local home brew shop if you could get a mini siphon and they said no! Told me to harden up!! Actaully they just said to use the old fashioned method! Hmmmm guessing they are not in it to make a buck. I will try the net then, as Id much rather use the auto siphon if I can.

Thanks for the heads up on that!