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Dec 21, 2008
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I made 2 gallons of Welch's Concord from the Jack Keller recipe. It's been 5 weeks and I would like to sweeten it. I was going to add some Concord Grape Juice(not Welch's). It says on the label that it has 75% less sugar but is sweetened with Splenda. Can I use this to sweeten my recipe or is there a problem with Splenda. Any other ideas on what to sweeten with would be appreciated.
How long can I keep using the excuse that these sweet wines are "for my wife"?
No Excuses

Use it as long as you'd like, we still don't believe you:D

Don't know about the Splenda, I'll save that for someoneelse, I don't recall anyone asking about artificial sweetners before. You are going to want to add sorbate and sulphite before you sweeten though to be sure you don't reactivate the fermentation. Also by using juice to sweeten you will be altering the flavor, how significantly I'm not sure. I don't sweeten, but almost everyone in here that does mentions using sugar, and they all say it's for the wife, so your not alone.
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