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Oct 26, 2008
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I went to my local LHBS today to get some meta. She sold me a 45 pound box for $10. Holy smokes she said I was the only one buying it in bulk and I may as well take it. Geez guess we all get a deal once in a while. I was looking in the wine catalog and the sell it for $38 skins for a 10# bag, guess I got a deal huh?

So, the question. I have only bought 2 pounds out of this box, I am the only one, why she didn't bag it I don't know.So I got 43 pounds for $10.

But it isn't K meta, it is Sodium Meta. So all this time, I have been using it for my sanitizing, but have been using the 1/4 teaspoon per 5 gallon in the must.

Should I go ahead and treat this the same way that I have always used K meta? I always assumed it was K meta. None the less, would the standard 2 tbls per gallon of the sodium still be adequate for sanitizing and will 1/4 teaspoon for 5 gallon of must still be adequate?

Yes you use it the same, it is a little bit stronger then kmeta but not measurable to vere from it, by the way its supposed to be 3 tbles per gallon for sanitizing!
I meant 3. Pretty good deal huh? That will last Leanne and I forever. Sure appreciate her making me that deal, I owe my LHBS a good one for that deal for sure.

This is why I always check and double check. I know some may think I'm nuts but you can't be to careful. It is easy to make that mistake.
Yes, by the way Troy, I seriously dought youll ever need anymore in your lifetime! That is an awesome deal. Some people claim they can taste the Na Meta in their wine but I find that to be a matter of knowing its in there so they think so. It is so minute at proper ratios!
BTW have you brought the LHBS any of your wine? If not I think she/he would love to "taste" some.
I'll get them some. She just took over the little place from her Dad. i have been doing business with them for well over 20 yrs. It has only been like the last yr or so since Sue and her husband have been carrying home bre supplies.

Guess loyalty has its advantages. She also told me months ago that she would due her best to match prices on anything I could find online. I want to keep the money local and in the "family", but I thought that was quite generous. it is people like that you never forget.

20 yrs???????? When did you start making wine cause a year ago Im pretty sure you had no clue whta you were doing!

here is my LHBS. Great people, I hope I get to do business with them for another 25 years. Plus they have already given me 17 cases of empty wine bottles from the tastings they sponsor and ask that I tell them if I need anymore!

I would like to hope that all of our mebers in here can find a supplier that extend to them the same courtesy that Gold Hill has offered to me. Sure makes things easier.
NO!!! I have been buying beer etc from them for that long. Sue took over from her Dad a year or so ago and added the home breww supplies. Her Dad has been making wine for 40 yrs, just nevber got around to offering supllies. There are only two places in the whoole city to get HBS, and the other one is very weak.

I still don't have a clue what I am doing, thats why I am going to marry a woman that does, so when i get sick of you guys I have another option!!! LMAO. Read the post, I said twice they have only been carrying HB supplies for a year or so.

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