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May 3, 2009
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I am looking to start my first fruit wine. Does anyone have any suggestions about what is a good one to try? I was checking out MadRivers Strawberry, but I also saw a couple of Bannana recipes. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Make what YOU like.
Ck out all the fruit recipies here.
Tom is right the best wine to make is one that sounds good to you. Any fruit wine is tasty if ya ask me. Currently I have aging Grocery store Strawberry, canned pear, orange-pineapple-strawberry, red raspberry, blue berry, dandelion, and mixed berry. Any of those sound good?:d
Man I am obsessed:b
If you don't have free fruit from your garden to use for wine.. go have a look at your local fruit shop and see what is cheap and seasonal at the moment.

I would go to my local farmers market and see what I can get reasonably cheap. If you don't use it all you can always freeze what you don't use.
what to make

what you should consider above all is the freshness of the fruit your using,local or other wise and the readiness of the fruit for processing,if your from the southern part of the US, than peaches should be arriving soon ,,makes a great and delicate finished wine,,,berries in season are a winner,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you need to understand the readiness of the fruit.........then you'll make a good wine GREAT.........
Great suggestions all. The problem is that I have never had a fruit wine so I don't know what to expect taste wise. Guess I won't know until I give it a shot.

I think I'll try a strawberry or bannana recipe.

Next question. What kind of primaries do you guys use for a gallon recipe. Secondaries are no problem since I was able to just get my hands on 4 empty gallon jars.

Thanks for all of the help and advice.
I got a 2 gallon bucket from I believe midwest supplies. Fairly cheap and works great for batches up to 6L. I also got a 6 quart container from dollar general. Look around and see what is available in your area.
fruit wines

If I may add this, berry wines and plum ,peach are easier and will probly yeild a better wine first time in that arena,,bananna and some others aren't easy ,especially first time out of the gate....just my prespective from making wines and especilly fruit wines for a while now with somme sucess...............:b
You can use a 6 gal primary although I would try to find a smaller one that is relatively close to the amount of wine to be made. Only becouse its easier to get all the fruit down in the juice, easier to stir, and easier to rack into secondary. I use a 3 gallon bucket for 1 gallon batches. I
B-well is right use a smaller primary and make small batches 1 gallon to see if you like it and if so plane on make 5 gallons or moor.
OK. One last question (or two). When adding the yeast, do I sprinkle it on top like the wine kits, or do I follow the directions on the yeast packet?
I like to rehydrate it 1st in a small amt of juice. You only need 30 min or so to see the starter take off. Then just pour it in and mix
I pitch it on top and let it go. So far 100% fermentation. Either way will work fine. I try to have the must warm say 80 to 85 deg. to start off. This helps the yeast take off also.
I'm new to wine making as well, so I have lots of questions. How do you get the must to 80-85 degrees? Have you ever used a brew belt or ferm wrap heater? If so do is one better than the other? Thanks!!!
I have used the brew belt for years with no problems at all. As far as getting the temp up on a new wine thats usually done by adding warm water to mix it all up. I usually boil almost boiling water over my fruit to help extract the color and flavor better and then top upm with warm to cool water until a decent temp is reached, usually around that temp and then keep it in a warmer room for the next 24 hours until I add my yeast.
Two ideas. First, a 2gallon Ice Cream pail works well for small batches. Second, I use a plastic heating pad/base that is designed for reptiles in a tererium/aquairum. It is large enough to get two 5gal. carboys or buckets to sit on it. I use a blanket to regulate the heat. I got the thing at a garage sael for a dollar.