Store bought eating grapes??

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Jun 22, 2009
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I've seen that our local Sweetbay has some black seedless grapes for sale now.
They are not the usual red or green grapes.
Could these be used to make some wine?
I think the price is about $1.99 a pound, so thirty pounds would only figure up to $60.00.
Wa cha think?
Wine grapes and "table" grapes are different. Wine grapes are much sweeter. I've heard that the table grapes (groecry store) do not make good wine.
Very low in sugar, acid and not balanced either with little flavor. I dont think it would be terrible but not worth that price.
Kind of expensive too, when you consider good wine grapes are usually about a dollar a pound or less these days.
I did an experiment with white table grapes. It wasn't good at all.
Thanks for the honest answers. That's what's great about finding a good gang like this,,,, They will tell you when something won't work.
No need to waste the money just to see bubbles in the airlock.:h

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