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Sep 12, 2018
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I have always used StarSan for my sanitation needs. If I were to spray a bucket with k Meta and pour my juice in that bucket, would it inhibit yeast growth in primary fermentation?
Assuming that the KMeta mixture is mixed to the proper dosage (and there is much discussion about that, I use 2 TBSP K-Meta and 1 TBSP Acid), commercial yeast will laugh at the K-Meta and grow like it should. Natural yeast might be stunted somewhat, but even it might take off and flourish. What you are asking is common practice for many of us, without harm.
Not with commercial yeast, which is generally K-meta resistant.

I pour K-meta into primaries, going around the top of the container so all surfaces get wet, the pour the K-meta back into the jug and shake out the excess. If this doesn't bother the yeast, a spritzing won't.

At the same time, making a good starter helps ensure the yeast gets off to a good start. For decades I simply sprinkled yeast on top of the must or did a 15 minute hydration, and it often took days for the ferment to start. In the year I've been making overnight starters, I've experienced what feels like remarkable results, but is honestly just applied common sense.
Which is one reason why it is incredibly challenging to halt an active fermentation in mid-flight. Commercial lab cultured yeast are not impeded by K-meta. You need to cold crash and rack repeatedly to remove the colony of yeast before the K-meta and K-sorbate will bite.

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