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Jun 22, 2009
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I started a mixed fruit about five or six weeks ago. It came out to about three gallons at the first racking. Peaches, bananas, apples, some grapes and orange juice.
I snuck a little sample out yesterday to taste and realized, I shouldn't have put the orange juice in. It has left it with a funky taste, that is definitely the orange juice.
I think I'll let it sit a little longer, then add some peach syrup to sweeten it and then give it another try.
This is still a learning process.
I know what you mean, I made something that when it was a juice tasted great but once it was fermented didnt taste good.
Was it the juice from fresh squeezed oranges or juice from concentrate? I have made wine from juiced oranges that wasn't bad. I have used concentrate before and it was just plain nasty. Very acidic taste and an almost metallic taste. I dumped it.
You hit it right on the nose,,, canned from concentrate. It smelled so good while fermenting,, but then.
Oh well. I have always had to learn something.

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