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Jack of all Daniels
Dec 29, 2008
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so i went to rack into my secondary last night and when i pulled the lid off the primary it looked like it'd snowed in there.

my best guess is a really light film of mold?

i had too much and so i had 3 large wine bottles that cleared nicely and smelled of alcohol, those were racked into the 5 gallon carboy,

and from my primary i racked into my 6 gallon carboy.

i was careful not to get any of the mold but i'm curious as to what to do with it.

it seems as though fermentation had stopped, can i restart it? will it have off flavors?

it didnt smell bad at all, mostly blueberry smell with a hint of alcohol.

didn't clear one bit.

whats the best way to make a yeast starter for this situation?
We need more info! What is the sg now and when was this started and at what sg was it when you started?
Wade , do you have that answer in "my document" and just cut and paste it 3 or 4 times a week lolololol
I really should, that and stir the crap out of it to get all the sulfites out! :)
i'll get that info when i get off work today.

i know its been about a month since i started it. too long in the primary but working 7 days a week 12 hours a day doesnt give a lot of time.
I hope it turns out ok for you.. just wondering if you tasted it at all?


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