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Sep 10, 2009
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So my bf and I want to start making our own beer and wine. We were both wondering if we could share equipment, or if we would need 2 complete sets of equipment??

Thanks :)
I use separate plastic primary fermenters (one for beer, 3 or 4 for wine). But I share glass carboys, hoses, etc. I would not share plastic carboys.

I make beer kits (Brewhouse, Barons, Brewers Spring, Festa Brew), not from extracts or scratch. I can't see it making a difference though.

I agree with above post even though Ive shared the primary bucket a few times with no notice of wine flavored beer or vice versa. I make all grain batches and sometimes extract kits. After making a batch of one or eth other you can typically smell what was in there the previous time but the new product takes it right over and hasnt leached over from one batch to another yet that I can taste.
Fermenter buckets are about the only thing I would recommend having separate for beer and wine. All other stuff is multi use at my pad.
Yea I also agree. Keep fermenting buckets separate. Other tools like hydrometer, these are OK. Also separate wine and beer chemicals.
I use trash cans from dollar store for fermenting....5 or 6 bucks at the most. I'm on a jk I'm poor..:r

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