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Dec 6, 2018
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Prepping for cabin season and evenings on the dock. Challenge - our cabin is across the border in Canada (barely - lake access from the US and can throw a rock to hit the border). While we bring up as much as we can tax-free (2 bottles/person - the rest, basically 100% tax), I am thinking about setting up shop at the cabin. Ingredients (non-alcoholic) have no tax. Assuming a version of Skeeter Pee as the season is early May - October, so not much aging (unless it can freeze).

Ideas? Suggestions? Base wine as well as equipment (assuming I will buy a plastic fermenter and bring up a few basic pieces of equipment).

Just finished 3 weeks of travel where I was buying grocery store wine in TX. And again affirmed that while I am not the best winemaker ever, what I make is better than what I am willing to pay for at the grocery store. Enjoyed the travels. Happy to be home to my own wine.
I think Skeeter Pee or Dragons Blood would be perfect. Quick to make. Little to no aging required. Slightly sweet and great chilled. Great for sitting on the cabin deck. DB is a little more work to make since you're squeezing berries each day for a week, but I prefer it to SP.

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