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Jan 25, 2010
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Hi All, I started a rose petal wine on 3-11 (SG 1.090) Racked to secondary 8 days later at 1.040. It has been at that reading for 5 days or so. It shows very little activity in the airlock. How do I get this to ferment out dry?
Can you show us your recipe so we know a little more about your wine? What's your temp? Did you leave behind a lot of lees when you racked? Racking can interrupt the yeast and if a lot of lees were left behind it can make it hard for them to come back.
• 6 cups fragrant rose petals
• 1/4 lb white raisins, chopped
• 1 gallon water
• 2-1/2 lbs granulated sugar
• 2 tsp acid blend
• 1 tsp pectic enzyme
• 1 crushed Campden tablet
• Champagne yeast

I used this recipe X5 for a 5 gallon batch. I actually kept most of the lees when I racked it to the secondary.
8 days of no activity or SG change, it sounds stalled out. You might want to toss another starter in and maybe add some yeast nutrient. Flowers lack a lot of the nutrients that fruits have nutrient is almost essential for flower wines.
I agree with Torch. Flowers don't feed the little yeasties. A nutrient is essential.
The recipe I used for the wild rose petals(from the rose hip bush) sounds quite similar to yours. I used 1 gallon of petals per gallon of water. I added some white grape juice for good measure, and like the others said, nutrient! The raisins are the correct call, also, I put some in mine.

It was the best wine I have ever made and can't wait for a nother month or so when I can pick some more.
I had to add both yeast nutrient and energizer to mine to get it to complete's true..there are very little nutrients in rose petals.
When i get home from work today I'll give it a boost of yeast and nutrients and energizer. That otta do it. :D Thanks everyone
Feed it some nutrients indeed.

The manufacturers of the nutrients base their dose on
a must pressed out of grape juice.
You are using just petals that provide for nothing so
give more nutrients as the packaging prescribes.

I made rose-petal wine in the past and
believe me the first year it will smell and taste
like perfume.
Let it age for at least one and a half year.


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